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Danger: choose your odontologist well from abroad

Danger: choose your odontologist well from abroad
Danger: choose your odontologist well from abroad

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Sometimes cheap, expensive at the end, “is a phrase we normally hear in our office, when many patients in previous years have come to Cali or Colombia to treat problems of dentistry as implants and to make it more economical for your pocket, It is important as a foreigner that you understand that the cost of good quality implants is high, because it is your health that counts, that you use any quality Of implants can worsen your situation and damage the rest of your teeth. Points to Review: Reviews the resume of the head dentist Check the place or office where you attend Check in your quote if it is very low and compare with others, there you will notice a lot. Ask me to send you testimonials, normally a good odontologist does not expose the testimonials in the networks because his ethics does not allow him to show photographs of patients seeking privacy. We hope this information will help you make decisions. Uribe Clinic.

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