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Ortodoncia Dr Juan Fernando Uribe


Teeth are not always right. Our genes and the development of our jaw or maxilla sometimes results in our teeth crooked or left to grow, and is there when we need a treatment of maxillary orthopedics or orthodontics to correct them. We have the best professionals to align and straighten your teeth and thus achieve a smile more harmonious and healthy.


Infections and gum disease can cause many problems in the short and long term, including the Halitosis (bad breath), deficiency of the aesthetics of the smile by cause of shrinkage or swelling of gums, teeth and damage to bone loss. Our prevention and periodontal treatment services will help you to keep your gums healthy and aesthetic.


Endodontic treatments focus on treating the pulp or nerve of the tooth. Sometimes, lack of care or trauma can damage the pulp. This part of the tooth, need special treatment by a specialist. At our clinic, you will find the best specialists to meet all your needs.